MACIS 2015

Sixth International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences

Submission Guideline

MACIS Authors have to decide: (SHORT or REGULAR paper) and to find a suitable Special Session.
We will guide you in these deliberations:

  • Decide on your category:
    • The categories are SHORT or REGULAR.
    • Both categories of papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
    • The total page limit for SHORT and REGULAR papers are 5 and 15 pages, respectively.
    • SHORT papers have the option to convert to REGULAR papers.
  • Choose your Special Session:
    • Special Sessions are listed in the MACIS webpage.
    • They are numbered SS0, SS1, SS2, etc.
    • Choose SS0 (the General Session) if you cannot find a good fit from the other SS's.
    • The choice of Special Session is non-binding on the PC, as we may re-organize if necessary.
    • You may contact the PC Co-Chair (yap(at)cs.nyu.edu) to propose a Special Session in your area.
  • Submission of your paper:
    • Please use the LNCS format from Springer
      LNCS format zip file
      to prepare your submission.
    • Submit your PDF file through Easy Chair
    • Please prepare your paper in English and in LaTeX.
    • The title of your paper must be preceded by a 2-part tag in CAPS indicating your above choices:
      • E.g., "SHORT-SS1: P is equal to NP"
      • E.g., "REGULAR-SS0: P is not equal to NP"
      • E.g., "SHORT-SS4: P might be equal to NP"
      • E.g., "REGULAR-SS7: P is probably equal to NP"
    • The 2-part tag must be on the same line as the title. This tag must show up in your Easy Chair paper title, and in the pdf paper.

      If your title does not contain the 2-part tag,
      it will be REJECTED or DELAYED until the problem is fixed
      in Easy Chair.


  • Helpful Considerations:
    • The advantage of SHORT papers is that decisions are made quickly, on a rolling basis, typically within 10-15 days of submission.
    • Once accepted, your title and abstract will be posted on our webpages.
    • REGULAR papers go through the usual refereeing process for Computer Science conferences, will be announced by the posted date.
    • Submit SHORT papers as soon as possible to take advantage of the rolling decisions. This would be helpful for your own travel plans, and also good for the organizers in their planning.
    • You have the option to convert your SHORT paper into a REGULAR paper: just submit another paper with the same title but with the REGULAR tag.
  • Post-Conference submission:
    • We will organize journal special issues, immediately after the meeting.
    • The details will be communicated to you by the Session Organizers or the PC chair.


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